Oh!! Toey!!


She love to make cupcakes

Her heart is really sweet

Her eyes have more sincere to everyone

She don’t interest any gossip stories

Sometimes she may confused

What is love? What is passion?

Why Tar love me? Why Pooh want to return to me?

But… Don’t think a lot. They love me…? I don’t care…

(Toey’s vision only)

Know about Toey


Real name & Last name : Thanida Kamolpaisarn
Date of birth : September 17 1995
Zodiac : Virgo (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : AB (Last Generation)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 52506
Grade : 11 room 5 (season 1) , 12 room 5 (season 2)
Habit : Simple, no fussy as girl’s habit so she is suitable for guy friends, but her girl friends dislike her. Direct mind, sincere, hate faking
Likes : Making meals, desserts, enjoy concerts
Dislikes : Bullshit friends, faking moments, wussy guys
Her smartphone…

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